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Android app development ‘a new wave’ in the mobile market is predicted to be a crowning point in the mobile world. Android application development helps you to develop innovative and dynamic applications for mobile users.

The world of mobile phones is now under the grip of new technology pertaining to get access to the internet. Most of the smart phones that help the surfing of the internet are Android based. This has led to the increase in demand of Android applications. Android applications development assists in developing new and unique applications for those who use mobiles with Android platform.

Today, the mobile phone users want their device to have the latest of features and functions. There are a number of Android application developers to meet the demand of android applications. The android platform is very powerful and automatic. This makes the android platform the best alternative. This application development can bring about complete change in the appearance and feeling. The application development can bring changes in the functions of the mobile phone.

Android helps the developers to create new and powerful mobile application quickly and easily. Android is an operating system as well as a software platform for the mobile and is based on Linux Kernel. The Google along with Open Handset Alliance have developed this open source software. This is the main reason for the developers being able to customize the operating system level applications at affordable charges. When it comes to developing mobile applications, Android extends support to Java too. This facilitates the use of Android framework and Java for the creation of third party applications.

The android market also lets you get instant feedback from those who use them. Best Android apps can be directly downloaded from online to Android powered mobiles and the users can give their comments and rate the apps they have downloaded. This only lets the developers know more about how the users are receiving their applications but also help them improve the android app development process by coming to know the needs and requirements of the users.

  • Open Source Platform: Based on Linux, Android apps provides access to core mobile device functionality and rich development environment enabling you to develop powerful applications.
  • Overcome Boundaries: Built to speeding up the information gathering process and delivering exact user requested information.
  • Simplifies Development: Reduces the application development cycle, and easy to use development tools to make sure fast development.
  • Equal for all Applications: Enables developer with easy access to all applications and services and interfaces on mobile devices. Rich browser facility enables developer to enhanced service based on specific customer requirements.
  •  Open Distribution System: Android market helps publishers to promote applications directly to the user.

Another important reason of its popularity is more security options offered through some Android applications for the phone which makes calling, texting and browsing mobile phone safer. An application for Android phones named Orbot allows the users to get access to internet, instant messaging and e-mail without being monitored or blocked by mobile internet service provider. Android operating system is available on many mobile phones unlike BlackBerry and Apple which gives customers more variety of devices like HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and others to choose from. A wide range of devices are available at different range of prices making more flexible for users to select. This is increasing demand of Android application development in the market as majority of them prefer the hand set with Android OS than others.


India, which has a population of nearly 1.2 billion and is home to 40 percent of the world’s poor, has experience paring down high-end technology and making it affordable and accessible. The Aakash Tablet is an example of a “leapfrog technology,” a concept where the latest innovations jump directly into areas where legacy technologies never penetrated. Tens of millions of people throughout India who never had access to a landline phone now walk around with cell phones in their pocket. Many of those likely to use or own the Aakash Tablet will never have used a desktop computer, and it’s possible they never will.

A similarly transformative Indian-created product is the Tata Nano car, a revolution in automobile design built to give mobility to millions of low-to-mid-income Indians. When it came out in 2009, the Tata Nano was heralded as the world’s cheapest car. But, while the Tata Nano is ultimately a destructive force — adding drivers to the congested roads and vehicle exhaust into the air — the Aakash tablet will be used to educate hundreds of millions of children.

Jugaad is an Indian word which means “to make-do.” The Aakash tablet is a Jugaad in a very high tech way. The components inside the Aakash tablet are cheap, and easily sourced. For example, the Aakash tablet has a headphone jack and an audio-in jack, but no external speakers — an obvious cost-savings measure. However, with the addition of cheap headphones, and an equally cheap microphone, the owner can make calls on Skype and has the potential to communicate with people around the world.

The Aakash is running Android 2.2, Froyo, with the UniSurfer browser installed. Made by DataWind, UniSurfer is supposed to make webpage process faster, probably to compensate for the slower processor and connection speeds. However, while browsing the Internet and testing out apps, we couldn’t help but notice that the reaction time seemed very slow. Scrolling, for example, is a swipe-and-wait affair. However, the speed is going to be quite sufficient for someone who has never in his or her life had a Smartphone or computer. It’s all relative after all. Compared with the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 3G is a “slow” Smartphone, only because speedier alternatives are available. Even in a context where the market is full of smart devices, like in the U.S., speed helps us make decisions incrementally faster, but rarely are these issues of genuine consequence.

The Aakash has both GPRS and Wi-Fi capabilities. Its battery power is limited to 180 minutes of use on a full charge, but it comes with an AC adapter. What’s important isn’t that the tablet can run off of the battery for long periods of time, but that it will still be able to work and surf the net when the power goes out.

And next month, the first Aakash tablets will go on sale throughout India, and millions of children will be able to join the tablet revolution that is transforming education, communication and entertainment across the world.

Let’s Talk About iPhone4S

In the year 2007, Apple launched the iPhone, which straight away became one of the most talked-about consumer products ever. Millions of customers queued up to be the first to buy the phone, which featured computing and Wi-Fi abilities, a crisp computer-like display with an innovative touch screen. Rivals researched and rushed to come up with the phones with similar features.

Further in October 2011, as Apple unveiled the much awaited iPhone4S, the Apple’s fifth generation handset, the competitive scenario had changed drastically. In the very first week, it broke its own record of pre-sale, notching a sales figure of four million units of the iPhone4S. The new phone is available on the AT&T, Verizon and Sprint networks.

Though, the market was anticipating the launch of iPhone5S with Android operating system. According to research firms that follow Smartphone sales, twice as many Android devices are being activated each day as Apple devices. The market analysts have told that one of the major causes of people opting for Google’s Android over Apple’s iOS is the comparative price of the phone.

There is a significant change in sales trend from 2010, when Apple and Android were roughly even, and an indication of how Android phones have captured the market and become more broadly available. Yet Apple, in several features, still remain the Smartphone player to beat, with healthier returns from the business, strong influence over mobile app developers and innovations that rivals rush to copy.

Everything you want to know about iPhone4S Accessories:

  • SIRI: The virtual assistant that identifies voice commands by users to plan appointments, utter text messages and carries out web searches.
  • Dual Core A5 Chips: Two cores in the A5 chip deliver up to two times more power and up to seven times faster graphics.
  • Advanced Camera: This just might be the best camera ever on a phone with 8-megapixel resolution and a custom lens with a larger f/2.4 aperture. Not to mention an improved backside illumination sensor, excellent auto white balance, advanced colour accuracy, face detection, and reduced motion blur.
  • HD Video Recording: Shoot stunning 1080p HD video with all-new optics, the light is always right, the colour is always vivid, and everything will look even better than you remember.
  • iOS: The world’s most advanced mobile operating system with easier ways of doing things. iOS 5 leaps comes with over 200 new features that makes iOS years ahead of any other OS.

Even though, the new Smartphone is almost similar in look to its predecessor from outside, but the iPhone4S is captivated with superior technical innards with a more advanced camera. The phone also has a more powerful chip well-known as the A5, the same microprocessor that performs as the brains inside the iPad.

The iPhone4S operates on two kinds of cellphone networks, GSM and CDMA, facilitating its operation worldwide. Prices start at $199 for a model with 16 gigabytes of storage.

Apple will continue to sell its older iPhone 4 through its wireless carrier partners, which will drop the price to $99 from $199 when customers commit to a two-year contract. An older model of the device, the iPhone 3GS, is free, instead of $99, with a two-year contract.

Mobile health apps are Smartphone applications for mobile health solutions. You can install health apps on your mobile phone or use it from any internet connected device. There are many websites that offer you free mobile health apps use facility on your mobile phone.

The mobile health apps help you monitor and manage your personal health anywhere and anytime.  These apps convert your mobile into a tracker of your blood glucose, insulin, blood pressure, etc. Thereby, these health apps enable you live a healthy life with ailments, like diabetes and blood pressure.

In addition, with health apps service in your mobile, you can check your gym activities also and get a control on your health and wellness. So, mobile health apps can track your blood pressure, cholesterol, diet, blood glucose, insulin, A1C, calories, gym workout, etc., with real-time. If you are a person willing to control your weight, these health apps can help you easily manage your diet by monitoring your daily calorie intake and guiding you the healthy food, their calorie, and the places they are available. So, mobile health apps are indeed an exciting and efficient way of health monitoring and improvement.

Federal Drug Administration (FDA) guides and regulates the mobile health apps development and their applications. However, some of these apps are not regulated by FDA but very soon they would come under its preview. These apps involve the use of mobile devices for collecting public and clinical health data and delivering healthcare services and information to practitioners, researchers, and patients.

Mobile health apps display drug images along with multitude of information like, its side effects, direction of usage, etc. They help doctors by allowing them to keep the detailed record of their patients and providing all the available information about medical arena.  On the other hand, health apps remind patients when they have to take the medicines and their appointment with doctors.

The major benefits of mobile health apps are:

  • Can be installed on phone free of cost and work everywhere, even when there is no signal on your phone. You can use them even without the internet or mobile connection
  • Enable you regularly check up on your health as well as your loved ones
  • Offer you full-color graphs that are much easier to understand than the rows of numbers produced by most modern glucose meters.
  • Allow you use large screen and keyboard for viewing, printing and sharing diabetes or glucose reports from any internet connected PC
  • Act as an easy and comprehensive system to meet the health and fitness proposition

If you are an individual who aims fitness and care to maintain a healthy body proposition, mobile health apps will be vital for you. It will help you keep regular track to the activities that have adverse effect on your body and mood and so on your health and fitness. The apps will also help you decide what is good for you and to achieve that.

Its digital assistance has helped numerous people to meet better shape with its advance scheduling service and expert advice on health and fitness including work-out, weight loss, breakfast, meal replacement, healthier diet, and low-calorie diet. Mobile health apps also help the hypertension patients detect and measure the activities that lead to hypertension and affect their mood.

So, search a good online site to install these health apps on your mobile free of cost and benefit from its incredible features.

Reliance Launches Android 3G Tab

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Tech Savvy

Touch & Go Features @ Affordable Rate

Reliance 3G Tab is an innovative Android based tablet launched by Reliance Communications at just Rs. 12999. Android powered “Reliance 3G Tab” is India’s first telecom operator branded device, approximately 40 percent lesser price than any other similar gadget presently available in the market. The Reliance 3G Tab offers impeccable video calling facility with front VGA camera and is equipped with 7-inch capacitive touchscreen. It runs on 512MB of RAM and has dual 2-megapixel cameras on both sides the front and back. It offers you up to 32GB of storage and operates on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS.

Reliance 3G Tab is a custom-built stylish device manufactured by the Chinese company ZTE for Reliance Communications. Undoubtedly, it is a next generation device dedicated to meet the needs of Indian customers at incredible affordable rates. It offers you amazingly high data speed and 3G connectivity for your area supports.

The tab has been designed keeping in view the Indian customers of all age groups. The light weight, the highly efficient and useful features, and the mesmerizing look of the tab, are sure to make it a wide demand among customers.

Reliance 3G Tab offers user-friendly email facility. Business users will find sending email altogether a new experience with its 7-inch touchscreen. Moreover, the tab includes ‘Documents to Go’ facility, Business users now conveniently view and work with Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point, and PDF attachments.  Some other striking facilities offered by the tab are: Mobile TV, GPS, and video recording.

The tab can be used with any of the 3G voice or data plans available from Reliance or in combination of both. Plus, you receive 24×7 customer care services for all technical assistance from Reliance. You also get a free 4GB SD card on the purchase of Reliance 3G Tab, however you can upgrade the memory up to 32 GB.

Research in Motion (RIM) announced the launch of the much awaited Smartphone, new Blackberry Curve 9360 in UAE. The model is very much within the budget with attractive design and great look that will be surely liked by the young audience.

The new Blackberry Curve 9360 is very similar to Blackberry Bold 9900 Smartphone having new Near Field Communications (NFC) that enable users to enjoy wallet e-payment services. The user can do purchasing with a Master Card PayPass enabled SIM card and pre-installed money on the SIM Card that provides automatic transaction facilitates.

While talking to the media, the MD of the company, Mr. Sandeep Saihgal said that, “the new BlackBerry Curve 9360 is a stunning, easy-to-use Smartphone that will appeal to customers who want to stay socially connected. The Curve family of Smartphone’s has been a real hit in the UAE and we expect the new BlackBerry Curve 9360, with its significant performance enhancements and all the benefits of the new BlackBerry 7 operating system, to be well received by new customers as well as existing BlackBerry Curve users looking to upgrade.”

The Blackberry Curve 9360 is an impressive addition to the range and sits nicely besides the likes of the Torch 9800 and the Bold 9900. As far as budget Smartphone go, you will have to search hard to find a model that betters this excellent handset.

The Blackberry Curve 9360 provides 800 MHz processor that guarantee fast and efficient operation of the phone. The processor is companied with 512MB RAM, very similar to the newly launched iPhone 4S. In terms of storage capacity the model offers just 512MB of internal capacity which should prove adequate for a small selection of photographs and applications. Most users will find themselves using the micro SD card slot to expand on this capacity. The slot accepts cards up to 32GB in size and enables you to really tailor the phones storage to match your own requirements.

One reason why you may require some extra space is because you want to make good use of the phones in built digital camera. This camera captures images in a resolution of 5 million pixels and is accompanied by a flash facility to help the quality of the image when lighting conditions are less than ideal.