Android App – A New Revolution in the Mobile World

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Tech Savvy

Android app development ‘a new wave’ in the mobile market is predicted to be a crowning point in the mobile world. Android application development helps you to develop innovative and dynamic applications for mobile users.

The world of mobile phones is now under the grip of new technology pertaining to get access to the internet. Most of the smart phones that help the surfing of the internet are Android based. This has led to the increase in demand of Android applications. Android applications development assists in developing new and unique applications for those who use mobiles with Android platform.

Today, the mobile phone users want their device to have the latest of features and functions. There are a number of Android application developers to meet the demand of android applications. The android platform is very powerful and automatic. This makes the android platform the best alternative. This application development can bring about complete change in the appearance and feeling. The application development can bring changes in the functions of the mobile phone.

Android helps the developers to create new and powerful mobile application quickly and easily. Android is an operating system as well as a software platform for the mobile and is based on Linux Kernel. The Google along with Open Handset Alliance have developed this open source software. This is the main reason for the developers being able to customize the operating system level applications at affordable charges. When it comes to developing mobile applications, Android extends support to Java too. This facilitates the use of Android framework and Java for the creation of third party applications.

The android market also lets you get instant feedback from those who use them. Best Android apps can be directly downloaded from online to Android powered mobiles and the users can give their comments and rate the apps they have downloaded. This only lets the developers know more about how the users are receiving their applications but also help them improve the android app development process by coming to know the needs and requirements of the users.

  • Open Source Platform: Based on Linux, Android apps provides access to core mobile device functionality and rich development environment enabling you to develop powerful applications.
  • Overcome Boundaries: Built to speeding up the information gathering process and delivering exact user requested information.
  • Simplifies Development: Reduces the application development cycle, and easy to use development tools to make sure fast development.
  • Equal for all Applications: Enables developer with easy access to all applications and services and interfaces on mobile devices. Rich browser facility enables developer to enhanced service based on specific customer requirements.
  •  Open Distribution System: Android market helps publishers to promote applications directly to the user.

Another important reason of its popularity is more security options offered through some Android applications for the phone which makes calling, texting and browsing mobile phone safer. An application for Android phones named Orbot allows the users to get access to internet, instant messaging and e-mail without being monitored or blocked by mobile internet service provider. Android operating system is available on many mobile phones unlike BlackBerry and Apple which gives customers more variety of devices like HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and others to choose from. A wide range of devices are available at different range of prices making more flexible for users to select. This is increasing demand of Android application development in the market as majority of them prefer the hand set with Android OS than others.


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