FDA Cleared Way for Health Monitoring Mobile Health Apps

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Tech Savvy

Mobile health apps are Smartphone applications for mobile health solutions. You can install health apps on your mobile phone or use it from any internet connected device. There are many websites that offer you free mobile health apps use facility on your mobile phone.

The mobile health apps help you monitor and manage your personal health anywhere and anytime.  These apps convert your mobile into a tracker of your blood glucose, insulin, blood pressure, etc. Thereby, these health apps enable you live a healthy life with ailments, like diabetes and blood pressure.

In addition, with health apps service in your mobile, you can check your gym activities also and get a control on your health and wellness. So, mobile health apps can track your blood pressure, cholesterol, diet, blood glucose, insulin, A1C, calories, gym workout, etc., with real-time. If you are a person willing to control your weight, these health apps can help you easily manage your diet by monitoring your daily calorie intake and guiding you the healthy food, their calorie, and the places they are available. So, mobile health apps are indeed an exciting and efficient way of health monitoring and improvement.

Federal Drug Administration (FDA) guides and regulates the mobile health apps development and their applications. However, some of these apps are not regulated by FDA but very soon they would come under its preview. These apps involve the use of mobile devices for collecting public and clinical health data and delivering healthcare services and information to practitioners, researchers, and patients.

Mobile health apps display drug images along with multitude of information like, its side effects, direction of usage, etc. They help doctors by allowing them to keep the detailed record of their patients and providing all the available information about medical arena.  On the other hand, health apps remind patients when they have to take the medicines and their appointment with doctors.

The major benefits of mobile health apps are:

  • Can be installed on phone free of cost and work everywhere, even when there is no signal on your phone. You can use them even without the internet or mobile connection
  • Enable you regularly check up on your health as well as your loved ones
  • Offer you full-color graphs that are much easier to understand than the rows of numbers produced by most modern glucose meters.
  • Allow you use large screen and keyboard for viewing, printing and sharing diabetes or glucose reports from any internet connected PC
  • Act as an easy and comprehensive system to meet the health and fitness proposition

If you are an individual who aims fitness and care to maintain a healthy body proposition, mobile health apps will be vital for you. It will help you keep regular track to the activities that have adverse effect on your body and mood and so on your health and fitness. The apps will also help you decide what is good for you and to achieve that.

Its digital assistance has helped numerous people to meet better shape with its advance scheduling service and expert advice on health and fitness including work-out, weight loss, breakfast, meal replacement, healthier diet, and low-calorie diet. Mobile health apps also help the hypertension patients detect and measure the activities that lead to hypertension and affect their mood.

So, search a good online site to install these health apps on your mobile free of cost and benefit from its incredible features.

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  2. Janice Flahiff says:

    This past October I completed an online mobile resources class by the Medical Library Association. (The class is archived at http://sites.google.com/site/getmobilizedmla/ ; it includes resources, discussions, and course content)

    We concluded there is no one place to go for good reviews/evaluations of health apps.
    However, we did share URLs of health apps that were trustworthy

    I incorporated many of these health apps within my health/medical resource Web site at

    Hoping this is useful to at least some readers.
    Suggestions for additions to my Web page are always welcome.

  3. Janice Flahiff says:

    Another idea…iMedicalApps (http://www.imedicalapps.com/) has medical reviews and commentary by medical professionals, but is potentially valuable for all of us.

  4. […] FDA Cleared Way for Health Monitoring Mobile Health Apps (knowledgetree12.wordpress.com) […]

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